The achievements of modern science in the field of chemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, materials science, as well as the thousand-year experience of Chinese acupuncture, together have created a truly unique product that is rightfully ‘Know-How’! Created using unique technology, our acupuncture needles with a nano-coat of "NANOKAN" help your body be rid of heavy metals and toxins that inhabit our bodies thanks to polluted urban ecology, polluted soil, air, food, water, tobacco smoke, etc. These toxins poison our bodies causing enormous harm to our health.

Nano-coated acupuncture needles "NANOKAN" perform the function of traditional acupuncture needles, but also have another, new, unique function - they cleanse the human body of heavy metals and toxins, without any side effects.

An acupuncture session with nano-coated acupuncture needles "NANOKAN" also allows for laboratory testing to determine the presence and level of certain heavy metals and toxins at an early stage of their accumulation in the human body at the cellular level, something that cannot be determined by a blood test.

How nano-coated acupuncture needles work:

The nano-film on the surface of the needles is an equivalent of nanosized sieves that have areas where a negative charge “accumulates” due to the concentration of excess oxygen atoms, individual domains are formed in the film, that are magnetically susceptible due to the formation of crystallites from magnetically active iron oxide. When blood containing metal ions enters them, the latter are sorbed (excreted from the body) in three ways:

1 Magnetic separation. Magnetically active ions such as cobalt, nickel, chromium, manganese, iron, copper, titanium, osmium that are contained in the biological fluid get attracted to the surface of the film on which domain structures are formed.

2 Physical adsorption of heavy metals and semi-metals: cadmium, cesium, lead, mercury, chromium, zinc, antimony, arsenic, thallium, zirconium. Due to the Coulomb interaction between the film surface and the cation (metal ion), the metal ion is captured from the blood and retained on the film surface, in other words metal ions are embedded into the nano-film.

3 Chemical adsorption of copper, zinc, nickel, aluminum, cobalt, beryllium, bismuth, tin, molybdenum, vanadium, gallium, that occurs due to the formation of chemical bonds. In other words, when bonds are formed between the ions and the oxygen atoms of the nano-film, they firmly hold on to the surface.

At the same time, the same heavy metals or toxins recurrent in one of the three described mechanisms, is sorbed from the body by all these methods in which it is indicated.

The list of the most toxic and moderately toxic heavy metals and pollutants that have a negative impact on the human body is given below:

The most toxic: mercury, lead, cadmium, copper, vanadium, tin, zinc, molybdenum, cobalt, nickel.
Moderately toxic: cadmium, arsenic, manganese, cesium, aluminum, iron, beryllium, antimony, thallium, bismuth, osmium, chromium, manganese, gallium, zirconium, osmium.

Check with the sellers in your region about laboratories equipped to conduct necessary research with nano-coated acupuncture needles "NANOKAN".

Spraying technology (a method of applying nano particles to an acupuncture needle), as well as the nano-coated acupuncture needle “NANOKAN” itself are patented intellectual property.

Nano-coated acupuncture needles “NANOKAN” can be used without detriment to health during routine acupuncture sessions, both for cleansing the body for therapeutic purposes and for daily use preventively.

We wish you good health!

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